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Terms and Conditions


Quotations do not include *premium plugins or themes, photography, illustration, copywriting or other ‘out of pocket’ expenses – there will be additional charges to these.

Validity of Quotations

All quotations are valid for 30 days from date sent.

Payment Terms

Payment terms depend on the size and complexity of the project. The payment terms will be determined by our sales and billing department and of course, agreed with you.

All invoices are strictly 14 days. A deposit is required before the commencement of larger jobs. Jobs that continue over an extended period will be invoiced as they progress, generally every fortnight.

For projects that cost less than $50 (USD / converted), we require a 100% deposit.
For projects that cost less than $150 (USD / converted), we require a 50% deposit. Remaining 50% is paid on project completion.
For projects that cost less than $250 (USD / converted), we require a 25% deposit. Remaining 75% is paid on project completion.

We may require you to split the remaining 50% into two equal payments depending on the amount of time that is needed to complete the project.

Rush Fees

ProjectNfinity will NOT be held responsible for errors in rush jobs.


All projects include two rounds of revisions before marking the project completed. There will be an additional hourly fee of $12/hour for any other changes or revisions not included in the quotation and project details.

Premium Plugins and Themes

Your site may or may not have been built using premium WordPress plugins or premium WordPress themes to add functionality to your site. Some plugins or themes will be installed using our developer license (unlimited website uses) at no additional cost to you. Some may require yearly license renewal fees per site to keep the code updated and secure.

If you are subscribed to our WordPress Maintenance plans, you will not be billed for the renewal fees of any premium plugins or premium themes used to develop your website, provided we own a developer license to the plugins used.


We have the right to add all work completed to our portfolio. The portfolio may include introduction text to describe the client, client logo, testimonials and screenshots of work completed.

Footer Credits

We reserve the right to add a link to the footer of websites developed to link back to https://projectnfinity.com (rel=”nofollow”).


ProjectNfinity provides a one month warranty* period from the date of completion or launch for any coding issues. Note: issues only relating to the agreed functionality as per the quotation and proposal document.

Client Responsibility

The client is accountable for the content of his/her website and any other promotional material.


Any projects that are canceled at the client’s request will be invoiced for any work or expenses completed up to that point.

Changes To Terms

ProjectNfinity reserves the right to revise any section of our Terms of Service without prior notice.